Grace & Mila

Grace & Mila is first and foremost a family history. Patrick, Patricia and Julie Chou, one brother and two sisters gathered around the same passion: to create and to undertake, to dream and to share their inspirations. Their journey begins in 2011, when they left their pretty city of Troyes to settle down their suitcases in Paris. Cradled from their child- hood in the ready-to-wear industry thanks to their entrepreneurial parents, their desire to create their own line of clothing becomes quickly obvious. They want to make feminine and refined sil- houettes to highlight each woman, and each personality.

Together, they carry the richness of their dual French-Chinese cultures to combine expertise and quality, and thus bringing their dream to life. Strong of their numerous travels in China and their precious commitment with local artisans, they design their first collection: it’s about 8 pretty sweaters in fine mesh, including the charming knot pullover. We are in September 2011. Grace & Mila is launched. The brand carries the association of those two names in its DNA, as feminine as a timeless sister-like icons. Grace for the princely beauty of Grace Kelly and Mila, a lucky charm name in the Eastern country, to evoke the beloved woman of the people. The destiny of Grace and Mila is emerging.